The Cutler Family History Project

The Cutler Family History Project

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cutler Crest and Name history

The name Cutler came originally from the Old French "Cotelier," or knife-maker. It's use as a surname is of AngloSaxon origin. Because names were spelled phonetically, different spellings were used including Cutlere, Cuttler, Coutler, Coutlere, Coutlar, Cutlar, Cutlur, Cutlare, Cuttlar, Cuttlure, Couttler, Couttlere, etc.

The first record of the name comes from London, England, in roughly 1212, from Ralph and Peter Cutler who had land in that area. The Cutlers moved into Yorkshire, and some even up to Scotland. Most Cutlers still in England live in Suffolk in the present day.

Around the time of Cromwell (16th/17th century), many Cutlers moved to Ireland and the New World. Many Cutlers moved to America, Canada, and even Barbados.


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