The Cutler Family History Project

The Cutler Family History Project

Monday, September 19, 2011

Robert Eugene Cutler plaque for retirement from Richfield Police Department

Robert Eugene Cutler served as a police officer in Richfield, Utah from to 1967 to June 1979. On retiring, he was awarded this plaque.

Badge and patch

Plaque reads:
June 1979
Robert E. Cutler
In appreciation for 12 years of service to the city of Richfield, Utah.
Kendrick Harward, Mayor
Woody Farnsworth, City Manager
Duane Wilson, Public Safety Councilman
Boyd Ward, Chief of Police
John Bettreund, SGT
Rex Dana, SGT
John Evans, Patrolman
Mayo Jacobsen, Patrolman
Micheal Carter, Patrolman
James Hansen, Patrolman
Duane Ross, Patrolman
Janet Gafa, Secretary

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