The Cutler Family History Project

The Cutler Family History Project

Monday, September 19, 2011

From Harmon Cutler to Robert Eugene Cutler

This blog follows a specific line of Cutler lineage. The line starts with Harmon Cutler (wife Agnes McGregor), moves to their son William Cutler (wife Tinie Sarah Smith), moves to their son Eugene Marlborough Cutler (wife Bessie Adams), and finally to Robert Eugene Cutler (wife Opal Maxine Rowley). The line can be seen in the genealogy chart below. Other individuals mentioned will be John Spreeuw, second husband to Bessie Adams; Dolores Bednorz, second wife of Eugene Marlborough; and Evelyn Joy Barker, second wife to Robert Eugene Cutler.

I will attempt to provide as much information as possible about each of the men, as well as their wives. In the case of individuals who are living, I will NOT be providing information.

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