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The Cutler Family History Project

Monday, September 19, 2011

Harmon Cutler and Agnes McGregor family tree and group records

Harmon Cutler, date unknown

Family Group Record

Harmon Cutler
Born 16 July 1799 in Dover, Duchess, New York
Baptized 13 Nov 1852
Endowed 7 Feb 1846 EH
Sealed to parents 11 May 1960 LA
Married 19 Dec 1859 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, SS 21 Feb 1863 EH
Died 29 Jan 1869 in West Jordan, Salt Lake, Utah, buried at "Cutler Hill" Pioneer Cemetery, Midvale (pictures below)
Father: Samuel Cutler
Mother: Cordelia Youngs

WIFE Agnes McGregor
Born 13 Aug 1843 in Bonhill, Dunbrtn, Scotland
Baptized 1851
Endowed 21 Feb 1863 EH
Sealed to parents 24 Jan 1980 LG
Died 9 March 1904 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, buried at Sandy City Cemetery
Father: William McGregor
Mother: Ann Hossack

1. Elizabeth Ann Cutler
Born 22 Jun 1861 at West Jordan, Salt Lake, Utah
Baptized 19 Nov 1885 LG
Sealed to parents 8 Apr 1964 IF
Spouse Aaron Henry Williams, Married 28 Jun 1894 (sealed same) at Logan, Cache, Utah
Died 16 Jun 1914

2. William Cutler
(see information here)

3. Jane Susan Cutler
Born 21 Jan 1865 in West Jordan, Salt Lake, Utah
Baptized 30 Oct 1965
Endowed 30 Nov 1965 AL

4. Youngs Cutler
Born 10 Dec 1866 in West Jordan, Salt Lake, Utah
Baptized 3 Aug 1877
Endowed 16 Mar 1921
Spouse: Gertrude Richardson, Married 22 Feb 1899/1900
Died 11 Jan 1929, buried Sandy City Cemetery

5. James Edwin Cutler
Born 15 Oct 1868 in West Jordan, Salt Lake, Utah
Baptized 3 Aug 1877
Endowed 15 Jan 1904 SL
Died 9 Nov 1903, buried Sandy City Cemetery, Utah
Under Harmon's name: Obituary in Deseret Evening News, 3 Feb 1869, Vol: 2 Pg 2
In West jordan Ward, January 29, 1869 at 20 minutes to 8 o'clock pm, Elder Harmon Cutler [died] of disease of the bladder.
Br. Cutler was born July 16, 1799; was baptized by Elder James lakesley in the spring of 1830? in Amboy, Oswego County, New York; moved to Nauvoo in 1840; left Nauvoo for Pottawattamie Country, Iowa in 1846? where he resided near Council Bluffs until June 1852, when he crossed the plains acting as captain of the Twelfth Company of Saints. He arrived in this valley the latter part of September and has since resided the most (sic) of the time in West Jordan Ward where he acted for some time as President of the High Priests Quorum of that Branch of the Church.
Br. Cutler died in the 70th year of his age. He lived universally beloved and respected by his brethren; was true and faithful to the interests of his holy religion and to his brethren in all conditions of life. He died as he had lived, a faithful and true Latter Day Saint.
The funeral services took place at 3 o'clock pm on Sunday 31st, Bishop Archibald Gardner officiating and giving much valuable instruction. [note: Dates followed by a question mark were not very legible.]
Under Jane Susan Cutler: She apparently died as a child.
Under James Edwin Cutler: He apparently did not marry. He is buried next to his mother gnes in the Sandy City Cemetery, Utah.

Above are two views of Harmon Cutler's burial site, "Cutler Hill" Pioneer Cemetery in Midvale, Utah. There are no grave markers at the site.

Above are two views of Agnes McGregor's headstone in Sandy City Cemetery. The double headstone is shared with her son, James. What can be read of the headstone says: "In Memory of Agnes McGregor Cutler. Born in Bonhill, Scot. Aug 13, 1843. Died Mar. 9, 1904." There is what appears to be an epitaph below, but it is too badly worn to read.

Pictures of Harmon and the grave sites courtesy of this site and this site.


  1. Here's more info on the original grave site:


  2. What a wonderful blog. I am a descendent of Harmon through the youngest son of his first wife (Orson Parley Pratt Cutler). I am currently writing a biography of Harmon Cutler -- I am about 300 pages into it, but it moves slowly. I have quite a bit of information about the Cutler clan and related families. Let me know if you need anything or want to trade info.
    -Chris (

  3. Chris, I am also a descendent of Orson Parley Pratt Cutler through his daughter, Clarinda Cutler Bowler, my Great Grandmother. It sounds like you have collected quite a bit of information on Harmon. Do you plan to publish it, or just make it available for some of your family? I would be interested in purchasing it if it becomes available to others.

  4. I have one maybe two family members buried in that cemetery. I find it upsetting that it has become neglected. There is not even a public entrance into it. My family and I are worried that it will be pushed over and forgotten about. We are trying to preserve this land, and make it a memorial for those still buried there. If anyone has any information on this or could be any help please email me at Thank you

    1. I"m a descendant of Harmon, through his son Royal James. Royal James is Harmon's oldest son with his first wife Susanna Barton. My dad, Frank Henry Cutler III, lives in Salt Lake and for a while now has been fighting Midvale to save this cemetery! Midvale is planning on selling the land. My dad had pursued different angles trying to save the cemetery, but has come up empty handed so far. He is planning on sending a letter to the gov of Utah pleading for help. My dad's email is and my email is if you would like to help!

    I am a member of Harmon's 5th generation of descendants. I am talking with the Sate of Utah about having a "public right-of-way" I am tird of tresspassing on other peoples property. Harmon's cemetery has some other serious distructive threats. Some ther people are trying to move the graves. They want new bulidings on the land that will create new tax money.
    Yours Truly, F.H.C.3rd email: